Wednesday, August 25, 2010

WCCO Article Discussing the Shift in Family Courts

When it comes to divorce and custody cases in the family law courtroom, it seems that there has been a substantial shift that gives fathers a new "edge" against their wives when it comes to getting custody of their children.  

Minnesota's WCCO News anchor Jason DeRusha recently delved into the amazing shift happening in family law courtrooms, the fact that judges are loosening up in terms of their "biased" favoritism of women who come forward, wanting sole custody of their children.

Pamela Waggoner of the Minnesota Bar Association, stated, "I think it's a reflection of a change in society. You no longer have the traditional family unit where there's one breadwinner and one stay at home parent. Right now, you have two people -- where both people work,"  No longer can anyone rule in favor of the "tender years doctrine," which claimed younger children were automatically better off with their mother due to the care-taking responsibilities that mothers once had as stay-at-home moms and homemakers.

To read more about this amazing breakthrough in family law, check out the WCCO article by Jason DeRusha here.


  1. I wouldn't hold my breath on judges loosening up for Fathers Rights. In fact, many judges take tremendous heat from NOW and other organizations if they grant anyone other than the Mother all the rights.

    Here are some audio's that will help you prepare your case.



  2. I strongly agree with the blogger that says in this time, you have two people -- where both people work. Dayton Family Attorney , very informative!


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