Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Why? Because She Wears a Skirt and I Don't." -Bob Norton, MA

Bob Norton
Bob Norton of Massachuessets has been burned in the past with a horrible divorce that resulted in little, limited custody with his children.  His divorce has left him to file bankruptcy, give up his pre-marital home, and also left him in the situation of an unfair court order for child custody and visitation.  As he stated in his video taken during the ACFC (American Coalition for Fathers and Children) Conference on September 15, 2006:

"And so now I see my children about two hours a week under supervised visitation because my wife, who has had a 15-year emotional instability history and psychiatric treatment and is on drugs for mood control, suffers from four or five different symptoms and conditions that sometimes converge, has complete control of my children.  Why?  Because she wears a skirt and I don't.  That's how the systems work today--the judges are overloaded, they rubber stamp, they go to lunch, and that's a higher priority than getting justice and getting whats best for the children."  (See YouTube video below for full audio)

Recently, there has been news from that Massachusetts State Senator Cynthia Creem has been "attacked" by Bob Norton, who runs and maintains the website  He has reportedly been distributing flyers around the area that claim Creem is attempting to "block legislation that would reform state alimony laws."  This comes about because she is also a divorce attorney, and the purpose of the flyer is to encourage others to not vote for Creem during the September primaries.  She claims that the information on the flyer is untrue, is not based on any fact, and although disparaging, is looking forward to running for re-election for the 13th year as state Senate.


  1. Bob Norton has been ordered into supervised visitation twice! He has REFUSED to set it up and has not seen our children in over 7 years! He is on Probation of abandoning a child without support.

  2. Bob norton is an imposter. A man who claims to love his children but has done NOTHING in the last decade to indicate he cares.. fled to Florida, was arrested for abandonment , ankle bracket for years , no help with the children's medical , no help with college, no support for years but conintued to take our oldest as a tax deduction. Lived an extravagant life style in Florida.. doesn't acknowledge birthdays , Christmas or any major milestone.

    Today is fathers day and I honor the men that step up to the plate .. my husband is one of those men. Thank you Joe for being the dad my daughters deserve. For all you do to care for and love them.. for being a role model for what a real man and father looks like.


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