Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rob Hahn's Candidacy Lost Due to Restraining Order Issued During Divorce?
Rob Hahn, resident of St. Paul and former candidate for governor, recently lost his Independence Party campaign against competitor Tom Horner.  To some, this comes as no surprise, after he spread the information of his restraining order against his wife during their divorce case one year back.  Hahn was recently interviewed by Gail Rosenblum of the Star Tribune, and confessed to his mistake and lack of anger management in the situation:

"It was a horrible mistake that I want to help others going through similar situations avoid making...ironically, I'm in a good position to do so because of my own experiences."

In his interview with Rosenblum, he continued to talk about how what he did was not okay, and the steps he has taken in anger management to help him better prepare himself for other stressful situations that may arise.

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