Thursday, August 5, 2010

One Father Speaks Out About His Struggles With The Courtroom and Fathers' Rights

Rodney Gehly wrote the "Father's Rights Song" that was recently posted on YouTube for all to enjoy.  It talks about the struggles with what's really, truly right and in the best interest of the children, and speaks from the heart.

I wrote this song awhile back when I was in the middle of a divorce. I feel very fortunate that I have joint custody of my two sons. I was amazed at the blatant, open discrimination that fathers face in our so-called "justice" system. Every divorced father that I speak with seems to have a horror story to tell regarding their financial and custody arrangement handed down by a judge.
What's even more amazing is that this corrupt system continues every day here in America. Women are very hype to how this system works and file for a "protective order" or "restraining order" merely as a tactic to gain custody of the children...which also by default will gain her the home and child support. A woman can commit adultery and still be awarded everything in court. As long as judges keep rewarding the bad behavior of some women...the more this manipulation will continue.
"No Fault" divorce is not working and a very big part of the problem. What would happen if we took this concept of "No Fault" into the business world?  You could simply choose not to honor any contracts signed. The business world would fall apart overnight. Guess what?..that's what has happened in the "marriage" world and it has fallen apart. Our court system is basically a cash cow for low life attorneys, biased judges, and bad women.  
I want to state that I appreciate the many good women that love God and their families. And I hope you enjoy the's meant to encourage fathers to not give up.
This song is for every man out there that feels as though they have hit rock bottom in the courtrooms, that feel as though the system is not on their side, and who are looking for that light at the end of the tunnel.  Enjoy!

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