Thursday, August 5, 2010

Divorce Court 101: How to Avoid Becoming a By-Stander in Your Own Legal Case

Many times, fathers feel like whatever the judge says, goes. This is not the case. In fact, too many fathers become by-standers in their own divorce case. And here's why.

First off, you need to full understand how family law works. By being familiar with how the courtroom works and sitting in on some family law hearings, you will only then begin to truly understand the court system and how judges react to divorce cases. This can be especially helpful if you sit in on family law hearings being overseen by the same judge that is handling your divorce case. This way, you have a little insight as to how the judge operates, and can use these observations in your favor while in court with your ex-wife.

Second, remember that no matter what the judge decides, it's not the final say by any means. In fact, when you're dealing with the court system, you need to remember that it's all about pushing the paperwork--and that means appealing any decision the judge has made that does not lie in your favor. In essence, you're creating what I like to call a "Paper Blizzard." This is when you basically file paperwork for every little thing, which in turn creates more paperwork for your ex-wife and her attorney, which can increase the financial--and emotional--stress and costs on the opposing side. This can sometimes help you level the playing field with your ex, and make her understand that you won't be backing down anytime soon. This can help increase the chances that a settlement will be agreed upon, or that negotiation will help resolve most of the issues that are being dragged into the courtroom.

By pushing the paperwork and showing the judge and opposing counsel that you are going to be persistent in pursuing the results that you want from the courts, you will help assist your father's rights case and help push it in the direction of continued potential and success.

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