Wednesday, August 25, 2010

WCCO Article Discussing the Shift in Family Courts

When it comes to divorce and custody cases in the family law courtroom, it seems that there has been a substantial shift that gives fathers a new "edge" against their wives when it comes to getting custody of their children.  

Minnesota's WCCO News anchor Jason DeRusha recently delved into the amazing shift happening in family law courtrooms, the fact that judges are loosening up in terms of their "biased" favoritism of women who come forward, wanting sole custody of their children.

Pamela Waggoner of the Minnesota Bar Association, stated, "I think it's a reflection of a change in society. You no longer have the traditional family unit where there's one breadwinner and one stay at home parent. Right now, you have two people -- where both people work,"  No longer can anyone rule in favor of the "tender years doctrine," which claimed younger children were automatically better off with their mother due to the care-taking responsibilities that mothers once had as stay-at-home moms and homemakers.

To read more about this amazing breakthrough in family law, check out the WCCO article by Jason DeRusha here.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Why? Because She Wears a Skirt and I Don't." -Bob Norton, MA

Bob Norton
Bob Norton of Massachuessets has been burned in the past with a horrible divorce that resulted in little, limited custody with his children.  His divorce has left him to file bankruptcy, give up his pre-marital home, and also left him in the situation of an unfair court order for child custody and visitation.  As he stated in his video taken during the ACFC (American Coalition for Fathers and Children) Conference on September 15, 2006:

"And so now I see my children about two hours a week under supervised visitation because my wife, who has had a 15-year emotional instability history and psychiatric treatment and is on drugs for mood control, suffers from four or five different symptoms and conditions that sometimes converge, has complete control of my children.  Why?  Because she wears a skirt and I don't.  That's how the systems work today--the judges are overloaded, they rubber stamp, they go to lunch, and that's a higher priority than getting justice and getting whats best for the children."  (See YouTube video below for full audio)

Recently, there has been news from that Massachusetts State Senator Cynthia Creem has been "attacked" by Bob Norton, who runs and maintains the website  He has reportedly been distributing flyers around the area that claim Creem is attempting to "block legislation that would reform state alimony laws."  This comes about because she is also a divorce attorney, and the purpose of the flyer is to encourage others to not vote for Creem during the September primaries.  She claims that the information on the flyer is untrue, is not based on any fact, and although disparaging, is looking forward to running for re-election for the 13th year as state Senate.

Best-Selling Author Louis de Bernieres Shares his Story of Despair
Known for penning the book "Captain Corelli's Mandolin," Louis de Bernieres has come public about how his recent family split has caused him a great deal of depression and despair due to his limited access to his children.

Living in the United Kingdom, de Bernieres revealed the pain and depression his parter Cathy Gill caused him after taking custody of their two children, ages five and two, and limiting the access he had to them.  This led him to become a patron of Families Need Fathers (or FNF).

In an article with Emily Andrews, de Bernieres states:

"It was really dreadful...the worst thing, practically, was finding the house so quiet, because it was always so full of laughter and rampaging and stampeding.  There was always a lot of noise and fun, and it suddenly went quiet...the emotional desolation is hard to describe.  There were many times when I felt suicidal.  One of the most extreme things you feel is a fantastically deep, bitter, anger at being treated so outrageously."

This is a perfect example of the rights fathers need and should have in the courtroom when it comes to their children.  The effect of losing one's children can be devastating, and de Bernieres is publicly speaking out about how the break up affect not only the kids but him as a father.

Rob Hahn's Candidacy Lost Due to Restraining Order Issued During Divorce?
Rob Hahn, resident of St. Paul and former candidate for governor, recently lost his Independence Party campaign against competitor Tom Horner.  To some, this comes as no surprise, after he spread the information of his restraining order against his wife during their divorce case one year back.  Hahn was recently interviewed by Gail Rosenblum of the Star Tribune, and confessed to his mistake and lack of anger management in the situation:

"It was a horrible mistake that I want to help others going through similar situations avoid making...ironically, I'm in a good position to do so because of my own experiences."

In his interview with Rosenblum, he continued to talk about how what he did was not okay, and the steps he has taken in anger management to help him better prepare himself for other stressful situations that may arise.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dayton, Ohio Adoption Case Strengthening Father's Rights for their Children

In Dayton, Ohio, one case regarding an adopted two-year-old girl has brought national attention to adoption rules and how the "system" works when it comes to a father's rights to their children and their ability to stop adoption proceedings that occur without their okay.

The article from The Columbus Dispatch quotes Susan Eisenman, an adoption lawyer from the Upper Arlington area: "I don't think it's hit people yet just how persuasive this might be...if the guy doesn't want the adoption to go forward, all he has to do is file a paternity suit."

This might be a big step for fathers' rights in the eyes of the adoption industry.  Read more here!

--National Brotherhood of Fathers' Rights

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ricard Martinez of Racine, Wisconsin Camps Outside Courthouse to Encourage Others to Join for Fathers' Rights Rally photo, Ricardo
Martinez stands up for fathers' rights!
Let down by the courthouse a number of times in his own divorce and fathers' rights case, Ricardo Martinez, 34, of Racine, Wisconsin is now unemployed, homeless, and rallying for his kids from outside the Racine County Courthouse.  He's been burned by the courthouse, as have other fathers before him, when it comes to custody and visitation of his kids, and he's not going to take it quietly!

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010, outside of the Racine County Courthouse at 9 a.m., 730 Washington Avenue, Martinez will be joined by at least 150 fathers protesting the courthouse for their choice in distanting fathers from their children.  In fact, Martinez also rallied back in March by carrying a homemade wooden cross around the courthouse for a week.

All I have to say is, GO RICARDO!  If enough fathers step up to the plate to have their voices heard, perhaps the courts will understand that parenting is a two-person job, and requires BOTH the Mother and the Father to have equal time and justice!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Finally, One Country GETS IT!

I'm appalled that the United States court has NOT had such a positive ruling for fathers like Germany has recently put into place.  As stated in this article on this website, "Germany's constitutional court gave unmarried fathers greater custodial powers...when judges said the current law violates basic parental rights."

"The constitutional judges said there was nothing wrong with initially granting custody to the mother if a child is born out of wedlock; however, they said it infringed on the father's rights if he had no legal recourse to challenge that decision or request joint custody."

Finally, someone GETS IT!  Read more about this story here, and lets continue to fight in the US for the same parental rights deemed appropriate for Germany.  If it's good enough for Germany, it's good enough for us!

National Brotherhood of Fathers' Rights is on Facebook! Come Join Us!

As some of you may have already noticed, we're on Facebook!  Please, check us out, "like" us, and spread the love to your friends--invite everyone you know that believes that both parents are best to join our cause!  Fathers have rights, too, and the more people know, the more they will understand the importance of fatherhood in every child's life!  Hopefully, down the line, we can all band together to eliminate sexism in the courtroom and show that a child with their father in their lives is the best possible outcome of any divorce!  Click the link below to go to our Facebook fan page to "like" us and share with the ones you love!

National Brotherhood of Fathers' Rights on Facebook!

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Divorce Court 101: How to Avoid Becoming a By-Stander in Your Own Legal Case

Many times, fathers feel like whatever the judge says, goes. This is not the case. In fact, too many fathers become by-standers in their own divorce case. And here's why.

First off, you need to full understand how family law works. By being familiar with how the courtroom works and sitting in on some family law hearings, you will only then begin to truly understand the court system and how judges react to divorce cases. This can be especially helpful if you sit in on family law hearings being overseen by the same judge that is handling your divorce case. This way, you have a little insight as to how the judge operates, and can use these observations in your favor while in court with your ex-wife.

Second, remember that no matter what the judge decides, it's not the final say by any means. In fact, when you're dealing with the court system, you need to remember that it's all about pushing the paperwork--and that means appealing any decision the judge has made that does not lie in your favor. In essence, you're creating what I like to call a "Paper Blizzard." This is when you basically file paperwork for every little thing, which in turn creates more paperwork for your ex-wife and her attorney, which can increase the financial--and emotional--stress and costs on the opposing side. This can sometimes help you level the playing field with your ex, and make her understand that you won't be backing down anytime soon. This can help increase the chances that a settlement will be agreed upon, or that negotiation will help resolve most of the issues that are being dragged into the courtroom.

By pushing the paperwork and showing the judge and opposing counsel that you are going to be persistent in pursuing the results that you want from the courts, you will help assist your father's rights case and help push it in the direction of continued potential and success.

Are you looking to fight for your fathers' rights in court?  Get a free case analysis by Dennis Gac at and help get yourself on track for a successful fathers' rights case!

One Father Speaks Out About His Struggles With The Courtroom and Fathers' Rights

Rodney Gehly wrote the "Father's Rights Song" that was recently posted on YouTube for all to enjoy.  It talks about the struggles with what's really, truly right and in the best interest of the children, and speaks from the heart.

I wrote this song awhile back when I was in the middle of a divorce. I feel very fortunate that I have joint custody of my two sons. I was amazed at the blatant, open discrimination that fathers face in our so-called "justice" system. Every divorced father that I speak with seems to have a horror story to tell regarding their financial and custody arrangement handed down by a judge.
What's even more amazing is that this corrupt system continues every day here in America. Women are very hype to how this system works and file for a "protective order" or "restraining order" merely as a tactic to gain custody of the children...which also by default will gain her the home and child support. A woman can commit adultery and still be awarded everything in court. As long as judges keep rewarding the bad behavior of some women...the more this manipulation will continue.
"No Fault" divorce is not working and a very big part of the problem. What would happen if we took this concept of "No Fault" into the business world?  You could simply choose not to honor any contracts signed. The business world would fall apart overnight. Guess what?..that's what has happened in the "marriage" world and it has fallen apart. Our court system is basically a cash cow for low life attorneys, biased judges, and bad women.  
I want to state that I appreciate the many good women that love God and their families. And I hope you enjoy the's meant to encourage fathers to not give up.
This song is for every man out there that feels as though they have hit rock bottom in the courtrooms, that feel as though the system is not on their side, and who are looking for that light at the end of the tunnel.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Welcome to the Fathers' Rights Help blog!

Thank you for visiting the Fathers' Rights Help Blog, started and maintained by one of the world's premier fathers' rights mentors, Dennis Gac.

When it comes to fighting for your rights as a father in the courtrooms, whether it be gaining custody of your child and setting up child support payments from an ex-girlfriend or fighting your ex-wife for visitation or custody of your children from your marriage, Dennis Gac can help advise you as to how to find success in the courtroom, regardless of the "pro-Mother" courtroom and family law.

This blog will be a constant and continual source of information for fathers looking to gain custody of their kids, increase their visitation, or for anyone looking to help someone that they know that is losing their battle in the courtroom.  We will include up-to-date information on changing custody arrangements allowed in family law, tips and techniques to help you find success in the courtroom, and even common questions and answers that fathers (and the ones that love them) tend to ask during legal battles.

We hope that you continue to visit the Fathers' Rights Help Blog (conveniently located at it now!), and follow it regularly to ensure you have the latest information and the positive techniques and tricks that you can use in order to succeed in the courtroom and get the chance to enjoy fatherhood to its fullest!

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