Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ricard Martinez of Racine, Wisconsin Camps Outside Courthouse to Encourage Others to Join for Fathers' Rights Rally photo, Ricardo
Martinez stands up for fathers' rights!
Let down by the courthouse a number of times in his own divorce and fathers' rights case, Ricardo Martinez, 34, of Racine, Wisconsin is now unemployed, homeless, and rallying for his kids from outside the Racine County Courthouse.  He's been burned by the courthouse, as have other fathers before him, when it comes to custody and visitation of his kids, and he's not going to take it quietly!

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010, outside of the Racine County Courthouse at 9 a.m., 730 Washington Avenue, Martinez will be joined by at least 150 fathers protesting the courthouse for their choice in distanting fathers from their children.  In fact, Martinez also rallied back in March by carrying a homemade wooden cross around the courthouse for a week.

All I have to say is, GO RICARDO!  If enough fathers step up to the plate to have their voices heard, perhaps the courts will understand that parenting is a two-person job, and requires BOTH the Mother and the Father to have equal time and justice!

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