Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Welcome to the Fathers' Rights Help blog!

Thank you for visiting the Fathers' Rights Help Blog, started and maintained by one of the world's premier fathers' rights mentors, Dennis Gac.

When it comes to fighting for your rights as a father in the courtrooms, whether it be gaining custody of your child and setting up child support payments from an ex-girlfriend or fighting your ex-wife for visitation or custody of your children from your marriage, Dennis Gac can help advise you as to how to find success in the courtroom, regardless of the "pro-Mother" courtroom and family law.

This blog will be a constant and continual source of information for fathers looking to gain custody of their kids, increase their visitation, or for anyone looking to help someone that they know that is losing their battle in the courtroom.  We will include up-to-date information on changing custody arrangements allowed in family law, tips and techniques to help you find success in the courtroom, and even common questions and answers that fathers (and the ones that love them) tend to ask during legal battles.

We hope that you continue to visit the Fathers' Rights Help Blog (conveniently located at it now!), and follow it regularly to ensure you have the latest information and the positive techniques and tricks that you can use in order to succeed in the courtroom and get the chance to enjoy fatherhood to its fullest!

Dennis Gac
Founder of the National Brotherhood of Fathers' Rights


  1. i have been falsely acused of phisical, verbal and sexual abuse by my wife who had abducted my children to another country and is now playing the abuse card in hopes of getting back custody. i have been drained financially and need 1500.00 to retain an attorney. my credit is maxed out and I am 5 days away from court date. were can i get help??


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