Thursday, September 23, 2010

Trend of 50/50 Custody is Growing

Holly Davis, a family lawyer in Austin, Texas, has released information that shows that 50/50 joint physical custody is becoming a more popular trend in America today.

"You're definitely seeing more 50/50 custody situations, and I think that's attributed in large part to changing gender roles," says Davis.  "More women are pursuing careers, and more men are choosing to focus on their children."

This is a great thing to hear; however, it does not mean that 50/50 physical custody arrangements are a good fit for every family.  Some circumstances may make it difficult or impossible, such as location of the parents, the communicative abilities of both parents, and the willingness for each parent to be a positive influence on the children instead of causing arguments and negative energy whenever the kids are dropped off or picked up by the other parent.  Just like there is no cookie-cutter divorce, there will never be a cookie-cutter custody arrangement that works for every family.

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