Monday, November 15, 2010

No Child Support? No Car! New Ontario Law Starting Next Month

Next month, as of December 1st, a new Ontario, Canada law will be in effect that will allow local police the ability to impound vehicles of parents that fall behind on their child support and alimony payments.

But really, what good will this do?  In most cases, the reason payments are not being made is not becuase the parents are refusing to pay them, but because the parents can't afford to.  Take away the car they need in order to get to work every day, and you've just made a mountain out of a molehill.  Eliminating a parent's transportation to their job could cause them to lose their job, thus keeping them from being able to make any payments at all--it just makes the problem even worse.

In addition, when the Family Responsibility Office mishandles or loses a payment and someone's car is towed for all the wrong reasons, this can create quite the dilema for all involved.

In order for someone to modify their child support or alimony payments, they need to hire a lawyer, but if they can't pay a lawyer, they must pay the family support payments.  It creates a lose/lose situation for any parent in a financial bind.

Read more about this new upcoming law from the National Post.

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  1. Yep pretty stupid. Here in Florida if you get behind in your child support they suspend your Drivers License. Same thing if you can't drive you can't work, you can't work you can't pay child support.. Stupid Stupid laws..