Thursday, November 25, 2010

Scenarios of Dying Without a Fathers' Rights Will

Most fathers right now are not completely aware of how important a will is, especially when they have minor children. This may be because of lack of education and they do not feel the need as it is not something being widely practiced. Browse through The Fathers' Right Asset Protection Plan by Dennis Gac to discover why will is something that should be given attention at this day and age.
  • Unmarried fathers: The law says that when a single father dies, all of his wealth will directly be distributed to all of his children. In case the child is not of legal age or minor and there is no will created, the court will nominate a guardian and at the same time an administrator of all the father's properties until such time that the children are able and of legal age. The risky part here is that the person who will be entrusted with your possessions and children may not be the person you would like to assume the position.
  • Married fathers: Negating the public perception, the entire wealth of the decedent patriarch will not automatically be given to the spouse. At least one-half or one-third of all assets will be awarded to the spouse if there is no will executed. The remainder will be divided among the children. Now, what if divorce is on-going. The amount you want your children to receive may not be given to them because the law states the above-mentioned provisions in case of death and will is non-existent.
It is important to have a will no matter where you are in your stage of life, married with or without children. Knowing who will have custody of your children and who will receive assets and property after your death will help ease any confusion and anger that may be left behind you.

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