Friday, January 7, 2011

How to File for a Divorce When Your Spouse is Missing or Cannot Be Found

When a relationship goes sour, sometimes a wife or husband may leave the marital home without telling the other where they are going. Without knowing where your spouse is, you may think that it is impossible to go forward with getting a legal separation or a divorce. However, with a little knowledge about how the court system works in a situation such as this, you may be able to get a divorce by default judgment by taking the proper steps in making an honest effort to attempt to find your ex.

  • Check cell phone records if they are available. If your spouse is still on your cellular phone plan, check to see where phone calls are being made to determine their possible location. If they are making phone calls to a lot of numbers in a specific area code, you could do a reverse phone number lookup to see the locations they are calling. For example, if they have called an apartment complex numerous times, they may have rented an apartment at that complex, or if they have been calling a particular bank, they may have set up a bank account in that specific town. This is also helpful to see who they have been in contact with, in the event you want to call those same numbers to see what these people know about your spouse's whereabouts.
  • Search online. If your spouse has a social networking page or website, your spouse may be posting pictures and information of their location. As Dennis Gac states in his book, "Fathers Rights Protection System," social networking sites may lead you to other individuals that your spouse may be visiting. Make note of these friends and family members as you can contact them to see what they know regarding your spouse's location.
  • Call family members of your spouse. Think of relatives that your spouse may stay with. This is something to consider if you are on good terms with your spouse's friends, family members and relatives.
  • Contact the military if you think your spouse may have enlisted. You can contact them through phone, mail or the internet. This information is publicly available.
  • Consider service by publication if you have been unable to find your spouse. This is an appropriate form of service to individuals who cannot be located. This is where a newspaper can print a notice for a specific number of weeks to allow the person to come forward and attend the hearing or respond to the divorce. The local courthouse and county clerk can supply you with the proper guidelines and paperwork to fulfill this type of service correctly. This is typically the last resort option for missing persons.

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