Sunday, October 10, 2010

Milwaukee's Fatherhood Summit in Wisconsin Makes the 5:00 News!

For men who have been fighting the system when it comes to getting custody and being a father in the court's eyes, it has been a difficult road.  Which is why one group in Milwaukee is stepping up and reaching out to fathers in need of moral support and assistance.

The Milwaukee Fatherhood Summit, themed "Empowered Fathers, Bridging the Gap," was a get-together for fathers of all ages and situations where they could come together, share their story and learn how to reverse bad credit, fix their driving records and catch up on child support back pay, helping them find success in the family courts.

As Terence Ray, the founder of the Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative, stated in the following video, "Empower someone to put on his Superman cape, if you will, and knock down some of those obstacles, in fact, to be a better father."

For more information, you can read the story from or watch the embedded news story below.

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